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Options plays for uncertain times

For investors dealing with uncertainty about the future in the markets, investing tools for leveraging economic downturns and high volatility are essential. While buying shares of some companies may mitigate the investment risks associated with economic downturns, lesser known and less popular investing strategies can also offer solid returns.

Retail investors are sometimes uninformed or more hesitant to invest in derivatives. However, derivatives trading, and particularly options trading, can create attractive opportunities for investing during uncertain times in the markets.

options plays economic downturns volatility
Options trading strategies for downturns and high volatility. Copyright: Money Bear Club.

The most fitting options plays for economic downturns and periods of high volatility are inverse ETF calls, call writing, LEAPs and long straddles. Read on to find more about options, and why these options investing strategies are highly fitting for economic downturns and high volatility periods.

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