Let’s navigate a changing financial situation together [Free personal advice]

Money Bear Club’s offer for free, personal, financial situation-related advice.

The world hasn’t entered another reality or dimension, but it would be cruel to say that this isn’t the case for many people. Also, for their finances.

Money Bear Club is ready to help.

Readers of Money Bear Club now can send any financial situation-related problems, conundrums, or dilemmas. If family members or friends of readers of Money Bear Club also have financial-situation related questions, these questions also can be sent (with a disclosure of consent).

The question will be answered to the fullest extent for free, with analysis that is standard to any Money Bear Club’s article. In turn, the answer will be freely published on Money Bear Club (without any identifying information).

Readers can send both complex and simple questions. Could going to college or university in the near future pay off? Or could it be better to pour money into business? What about real estate? Are other investors in a specific region or area holding or selling and why? Job, budget, spending, general trend questions will be all equally appreciated.

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Let’s do that and ignore the effects of unbalanced forces:

Giving to Money Bear Club means contributing to freely-accessible financial analysis to those who can’t pay. Contribute here: link.

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