Money Bear Club’s business services

A fast-moving world now requires not only deep research. It also requires unconventional and original insights to beat the competition.

Business consulting is a service that all businesses, from the smallest to the largest, can benefit from. Some business consulting firms are there just to verify the decisions of upper management.

Money Bear Club offers a different value proposition. We keep a finger on the pulse of news, geopolitical changes, and the economy. We also deliver insights that matter, and those that may not verify already made assumptions.

Money Bear Club’s services are there for businesses that want to make a change, by leveraging unconventional thinking.

See our services below:

Services for new businesses
market research serviceDeep, based on scientific findings, market research aiming at finding the most important qualities of target consumers and markets.
location analysis serviceLocation suitability and/or security analysis. Based on geopolitical and economic factors.
business plan editing serviceBusiness plan editing for different goals. Improving investor perception and/or revenue strategy. product insights service

Consulting for established businesses
marketing plan improvement serviceFine-tuning of already existing marketing plans. Improvements based on scientific findings, and the marketing budget of a business.
location analysis serviceLocation suitability and/or security analysis. Expand into the right markets, and prepare for any instability. 

Troubleshooting for low sales
numbers and/or customer
A new business comes with many new opportunities. It’s better to fine tune current strategies, rather than to let the opportunities go to waste.
An established business has to find the balance between acquiring new clients, and keeping the old ones. Money Bear Club can offer unconventional insights for hitting both targets.

Money Bear Club’s personal finance services

budget editing service

Editing service for already established budgets. Unconventional editing to create better budgets.

Creation of easier to manage budgets through better spreadsheets or the chosen format of the client.

spending analysis service

Personal and household spending analysis based on the goals of the clients. Unconventional insights, on where to decrease or increase spending. Specific insights for HNWIs.

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Money Bear Club reserves the right to decline providing services to any business or a physical person without any further explanation.